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Rib roast

Beyond The Gobbler – A Standing Prime Rib Roast

Turkey for Thanksgiving? Not This Year      Mention Thanksgiving and a turkey with all the fixings immediately comes to mind. Depending on which historian you read, the turkey may or may not have been served at the first Thanksgiving meal. Many think the meat served was probably venison along with seafood and waterfowl. If there was turkey, it probably was wild turkey. Whatever they served there seems to be clear consensus – the first Thanksgiving involved eating plenty of meat.      Some years I decide to give the iconic turkey a break and serve…

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The Gourmand

A Dinner Parties and More Extra . . . A Characterization                            The Gourmand His Raison D’être     While most eat to live, the gourmand lives to eat.  He considers voracious gluttony his raison d’être. His appetites are legendary and the amounts of food he has consumed are well-known.          Seeking haute cuisine in the most respectable of places, his opinions and judgments are sought after from cafes to bistros, diners to tearooms, and hamburger stands to supper clubs.  Although not officially a critic, he is known as the critic’s critic.  If Michelin were…

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Creamy Homemade Butter Versus The Commercial Product

     Fresh and creamy homemade butter – absolutely one of the sweetest, most delicious treats in life.  This was brought to light while we were enjoying a cheese plate with a side of bread at a favorite wine bar and delicatessen. I broke off a piece of the bread, buttered it, and I was shocked at how good it tasted. I like butter, but this was special.      Back home I tasted our usual brand of butter.  It paled by comparison. Over the next several weeks I tried seven different…

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A Dinner Party Host Often Needs A Great Side Man

What’s The Definition Of A Sideman?      Often called a “hired gun” by other musicians, a sideman is a musician invited to play a gig. It’s usually on a temporary basis where he or she provides a special or unique talent that’s needed.  A Sideman Versus A Side Man      While I’m not a hired gun, I’ve found myself serving as a sideman on many occasions. Perhaps “side man” instead of sideman is the more appropriate title. Every Thanksgiving I get to perform as a side man. My Famous Sides      When my…

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The Cosmopolitan. The Sex In The City Girls Favorite Drink.

The Cosmopolitan Martini 1 ½ oz Vodka 2 ½ oz Cranberry Juice 1 oz Cointreau ½ oz Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice Shake lightly with cracked ice or stir with ice cubes and strain Garnish with a lime wheel              A Cosmopolitan is great, but it’s really all about the shoes.   To read more about the ladies and their cosmopolitans, click on Oh Gosh.  Shameless Self Promotion:  We’re trying to grow our website. If you are on social media, please share this with friends. Also, we’d like to add you to our email…

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Reasons Why You Should Learn To Tango

Quote: “Suppose you had but three minutes to spend with the love of your life. What would you do? You would tango.” Why Should We Learn Tango? Tango is soooo sexy.  It’s intimacy, sensuality, and passion personified. Everyone should dance at least one tango in their life. Gentlemen can score big.  By taking tango lessons with your partner you will score an unbelievable amount of points.  It will be HUGE. This will upgrade your slow dance moves. When the music slows down, you will no longer be limited to that…

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A Mac and Cheese I’m Not Ashamed To Serve

     Ah, Mac and Cheese (see above). The comfort food of all comfort foods. To me the sight and smell of this immediately causes my mouth to water – definitely one of my guilty pleasures. First of All, I Have To Get This Off My Chest      I don’t consider the packaged varieties of mac and cheese to truly be mac and cheese at all. Sure, the final product has macaroni, milk, and butter. It’s 75% there, but it’s that mystery package of who knows what that I take issue with….

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Sage Advice About Sage The Herb

Our “Fall Classic”      The World Series has been known as “The Fall Classic” for decades, but in our family, we have recently added our own fall classic. It’s Food & Wine’s recipe for Warmed Camembert With Wild Mushroom Fricassee (see picture above).      We have always liked soft cheeses, especially Brie, and many times we have eaten it warm. We usually serve it with a sweet topping consisting of apples or apricots. Our featured recipe takes more of a savory approach. Instead of Brie we use Camembert. It seems…

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Bowl of chili

Chili And The NFL

    I’ve always associated baseball with hot dogs, basketball with popcorn, and football with chili. Most people I know associate football with tailgating, but to me it’s chili. During most football Sundays, I’ll cook up a pot, and all afternoon the aroma will waft up into the loft where we’re watching the game(s). NFL football and a bowl of red – a match made in heaven. Going Public      I’ve refined my recipe over the years, and it suits my taste to a tee. Every other recipe I have I’m quick to share with…

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Rock music Tom Petty

Rock Music And Wine – A Classic Pairing

A Tribute To Tom Petty      I was saddened to hear of the death of Tom Petty. I loved his music. Whenever I’m in the kitchen for any length of time, I play a hits disc with about half of them Tom Petty songs. Many have served as anthems for me, and I will really miss this Hall Of Fame rocker.       As a tribute, I would like to do a re-post of a blog I did in May. While I guess I thought he would live forever,…

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