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A Good Waitress Can Jump-start Your Day

A Dinner Parties and More Extra . . .      I have always had a soft spot in my heart for waitresses. I especially appreciate the ones who arrive at their work before the sun comes up.      It must be difficult at that early hour to greet everyone with a smile and some friendly banter. But that’s as important to me as the coffee and the grub. A waitress is like an angel who appears out of the fog of my waking hours. And she always seems to get my day started off on…

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An Outdoor Passion – Smoking A Good Cigar

A Boston Legal Moment      “In what is now the traditional ending to each episode, Shore and Crane wander out to the spacious balcony off of Crane’s office, and Scotch and cigar in hand, rehash the high points or lessons learned of the previous 60 minutes.” From Betsy Model’s Sept/Oct 2006 Cigar Aficionado article on William Shatner. Having Your Own Moment      Summer is prime time to smoke a cigar. It’s a pleasant activity to enjoy outdoors on the patio. I can get this marvelous sense of well-being from smoking a…

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Ratatouille In A Tower – An Eggplant/Tomato/Zucchini Stack

The Sinful Choice      There’s comfort food. Everyone knows about that. It has been resigned to the category of “guilty pleasures.” We eye these dishes with a combination of food lust and the fact that we know it probably isn’t good for us. It’s loaded with calories, sugars, sodium, and who knows what else (especially if commercially prepared). I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a steady diet of such fare. But once in a while I don’t think it hurts to indulge ourselves in some decadence. The Feel-good Choice     …

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Late Summer Reading Recommendations

A Dinner Parties and More EXTRA . . .      Reading  is one of the methods you can use to gather topical material you can refer to in social situations. Being armed with information such as this will make you much more interesting as a conversationalist.      Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to read a good book. The self-help genre covering social theories and fun hobbies seems to be especially rich in choices. You might like to try one of our recommendations listed below: Hobbies “Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on…

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Zucchini souffle

How About Some Respect For The Zucchini?

   I’d like to start off with a zucchini quote of my own:      “There is a noticeable odor during the late summer months and that’s the smell of zucchinis rotting in the landfills.” The Rodney Dangerfield of Vegetables     A zucchini gets no respect. It isn’t as cool as a cucumber, as colorful as a carrot, or as sexy as a tomato. It’s not as versatile as a potato. It’s also not as useful as an ochra, nor does it have a rich history like that of the noble leek. As a matter of…

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late corn grits

Corn Grits From Late Season Corn

Simply Perfect      The chef, Jacques Pepin, was asked what dishes he would request for his last meal. He said one of his choices would be hand-picked freshly-shelled peas straight from the garden with butter and sea salt. This shows a great culinary experience doesn’t have to involve exotic ingredients, dozens of spices, and complicated techniques. It can be a simple dish. As a matter of fact, in the case of Pepin’s peas, any further additions would detract from this basic but perfect concoction. Another Great but Simple Dish      I recently…

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Hemingway daiquiri

Another Favorite Summer Drink – The Daiquiri (Papa’s Version)

     There are daiquiris, and then there’s the Hemingway Special Daiquiri. In my research, I not only wanted to find information about the drink, but also about Hemingway himself.      His introduction to daiquiris happened quite by chance. He was bar-hopping in Havana one day. Seeking a bathroom he ended up in the El Floridita Bar. Being an affable sort, he began talking to the locals. They talked him into trying one of El Floridita’s five different versions of the daiquiri. He generally liked it, but he thought it was too sweet and not strong enough. He recommended his…

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Thoreau's succotash

Sufferin’ Succotash! I Forgot Thoreau’s Birthday

      I know this is a sneaky way to introduce a great recipe for succotash, but it’s a given – almost every succotash recipe contains beans. And when beans are mentioned, two personalities usually come to mind: Duke (the dog in the Bush’s Baked Beans commercial) and Henry David Thoreau.      Duke is not important here, but Thoreau is. He was born on July 12, 1817 and died at the age of 44. If his life hadn’t been cut short by tuberculosis, he would have celebrated his 200th birthday this year. As the longest…

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The Solar Eclipse – A Reason to Party

     A solar eclipse is an infrequent event, but not as infrequent as you might think. About once every 18 months or so a total eclipse occurs some place on earth. But they are very infrequent if you stay in one spot. Then a total solar eclipse occurs approximately every 375 years.      We are offered a unique opportunity to witness one soon. One will sweep across the country on August 21, 2017. Viewing it is accessible and well within travel distance for most people. That said, if you…

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This IS The BLT To Die For

     I love a BLT, and I’m not alone. In polls where people were asked about their favorite sandwich, the BLT was either at the top or close to the top of every list. And it’s so simple: two slices of bread, mayo, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. That’s it.      Not all BLTs are great. I’ve been served many that I didn’t think were very good at all. What I think sets a great one apart from the others are (1) the quality of its contents and (2) the way it’s prepared….

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