Food, Love, and Tango – A Trinity of Passions


     Of all the dances we have to choose from, the tango offers the best means for us to demonstrate our individuality, uniqueness, and style. But it’s teasingly incomplete.  We must decide on the recipe for our own individual tango. Like a cooking recipe it requires interpretation, iteration, and alteration.  Simmer it on the dance floor and it can become interesting, alluring, and sensual. And like great food the result can be a dish that is absolutely heavenly.

     According to a recent ABC News poll, nearly nine out of ten people in our country say they believe in a heaven of some sort.  I personally don’t feel qualified to weigh in on this. What I am sure of is there are heavenly moments, and they can be had in this lifetime.

     Ariel Levy wrote an article in The New Yorker about author and director Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, and others).  One of the more recent movies she directed was called Julie & Julia. It’s a wonderful movie about cooking and more specifically about Julia Child.  The article included this Ephron quote:

     “I’ve written about cooking and marriage dozens of times, and I’m very smart on this subject.  I’m very smart about how complicated things get when food and love become hopelessly entangled.”

     As I read the quote, I thought of tango.  It was the “hopelessly entangled” that triggered it.  Actually, I think tango is more of an intertwining then an entangling. The definition of entangle is to entwine into a confusing mass (I think this has happened to me on several occasions).  This caused my mind to make a leap to this wonderful trinity of passions – food, love, and tango. Each can create moments that are absolutely heavenly.

     The heavenly moments in my life have either happened spontaneously or have been created. Heavenly moments create lasting memories; however, waiting for spontaneity to occur is too unreliable. Instead, we need to try to create heavenly moments and create as many as possible.