July 2017


A Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich To Die For

     I love a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, and I’m not alone. In polls where people were asked about their favorite sandwich, the BLT was either at the top or close to the top of every list. And it’s so simple: two slices of bread, mayo, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. That’s it.      Not all BLTs I’ve eaten have been great. I’ve been served many that I didn’t think were very good at all. What I think sets a great one apart from the others are (1) the quality…

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Moon Pie

Solar Eclipse Moon Pies

     It you want to make a hit with your children (or grandchildren), make some homemade moon pies. Sure, you can buy the commercial kind. It’s easier and probably less expensive, but you’re not going to make any memories.      After a couple of trial runs, invite the kids to your kitchen and get started. Let them do as much as is safely possible. The cookies will be made in three stages: making the sandwich cookies, assembling the moon pies, and dipping the moon pies in chocolate.      I warn…

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Meiomi Rose´ – A Sexy Summer Wine (Review)

     The Meiomi rose´ is a sexy wine with a young vibe. And if I were a young man, I’d describe it the following way:      From your first glance you notice its lascivious pink color. As you approach the lip of the glass you notice the wine’s heady aromas. You take a small sip. You feel a pleasant and playful sensation, so you take a full drink. It’s subtle, seductive, and complex. It entices you to take another, and another, and you pause as layer after layer flows over your palate and…

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Exit Strategies For The Gadabout

     In the June 2017 edition of The Atlantic magazine, they asked, “What Is The Best Exit Of All Time?” Ten interesting and varied responses from readers were listed. Not one but two of the famous exits belonged to Richard Nixon. “You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore,” and “his iconic wave from the White House South Lawn” made the list. Two more were “Thelma and Louise joyously driving at top speed over a cliff” and “The Irish Exit” (which I will cover later).       I decided to weigh…

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