Game hens

Cornish Game Hens Roasted (A Different Way To Serve Poultry)

     You’re scheduled to entertain guests you want to impress. You know they like chicken, and there are countless ways to serve it, but you want to serve something unique –perhaps a different bird that they won’t be expecting.      You look at your choices: pheasant, pigeon, squab, quail, or Cornish game hen. The cheapest and the easiest to find is a Cornish game hen, and it’s just the right size. Two guests can split one, or if they are really hungry, you can serve each guest a whole hen….

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Fried chicken

Chicken Double-Fried And Countrified

    Most of you probably think of chicken as a type of meat that’s found in your grocer’s meat case. Because I grew up on a farm, when I think of chicken, a whole different world comes to mind.      In our hierarchy of animal care, chickens were on the bottommost rung. They were noncompliant, very excitable and mean. They were also free to roam, so on a typical farmstead they would be everywhere, and so were their droppings. As a result every step I took had to be placed with extreme care…

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Chicken Marbella

     Home to many of today’s rich and famous, Marbella (pronounced mar-bay-ah) is located in the south of Spain between Malaga and Gibraltar. In the middle of the twentieth century, American film stars discovered its gorgeous beaches and marvelous climate. The wealthy Saudis and European aristocrats followed shortly thereafter.  Well, I Can Dream Can’t I?      Today it’s a resort town packed with out-of-sight mansions, luxury boats, and upscale automobiles. The streets are lined with designer shops and great restaurants. It has a pulsating night life, and it’s very upscale and high…

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Bistro Chicken

Chicken Simple Bistro Roasted

     Bistro food is basic unpretentious food served in a casual setting. It’s the French answer to comfort food. Although the dishes are simple and the recipes are not complicated, high preparation standards and innovative approaches are maintained.      Thomas Keller wrote a cookbook, Bouchon, about bistro food.  One of the recipes in his book is Simple Roast Chicken. It has few ingredients and is easily prepared. As it states in the directions, truss the bird, salt and pepper it, put it in a roasting pan, and bake it an…

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