Chicken Thighs done Sous Vide

    “Don’t you just hate it when you’re eating chicken, and it’s either pink or even bloody next to the bone.” And I know we do. YUK!      How can one be assured that this doesn’t happen to you? Sous Vide the pieces. If you have questions about the process, go to my website, “Dinner Parties and More.” Do a search, or click on the category “culinary techniques,” for a full description of what you need and how to do it.      It’s always a success. And it’s so…

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Chicken Lollipops

     My favorite meat is the wing meat. It is also the hardest meat to prepare. It is easy if all you do is batter up the chicken wing the way if has been removed from the carcass, fry it, and then put it on a plate and serve it. But to do this is a diservice to your guests. It is a struggle to eat, and messy at best.      They can also be served as an elegant appetizer as a prelude to your haute cuisine. Or…

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Bistro Chicken

Chicken Simple Bistro Roasted

     Bistro food is basic unpretentious food served in a casual setting. It’s the French answer to comfort food. Although the dishes are simple and the recipes are not complicated, high preparation standards and innovative approaches are maintained.      Thomas Keller wrote a cookbook, Bouchon, about bistro food.  One of the recipes in his book is Simple Roast Chicken. It has few ingredients and is easily prepared. As it states in the directions, truss the bird, salt and pepper it, put it in a roasting pan, and bake it an…

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