One For The Road? How About An Espresso.


Where Have You Been All My Life?

I’ve recently discovered espresso. Well, I didn’t actually discover it – it’s been around forever. This was more of a personal discovery, and it’s become one of my daily constitutionals. When I wake up from my early afternoon nap (which oftentimes runs into my late afternoon nap), rather than having my wife, Dorothy, administer a low voltage jolt from a defibrillator, I make myself an espresso. It just jump-starts the rest of my day. If the concept is new to you, perhaps the advice below might be helpful.

How to drink it like an Italian (a composite from several sources).

  • Understand what it is. Do some research.
  • Be a snob. Coffee is common. Espresso is not.
  • If not at home, order it at the coffee bar. And you should drink it while standing.
  • If you are an aficionado, cleanse your palate with sparkling water.
  • Smell it for full effect. This is also for a bit of theater if someone is watching.
  • Never drink an espresso that doesn’t have crema (brown foam) on top.
  •  Drink it quickly in one or two gulps, otherwise the crema will have dissolved, and some of the taste will be gone.
  • valuate the finish. Feel the rush.
  • Take a second to enjoy the tradition surrounding it. Pay homage.

If making at home, I recommend Starbucks pod-style Verismo V Brewer (costs about $150). It makes a great tasting espresso (complete with crema), and it does it quickly. No muss. No-fuss.