February 2017

Tomato salsa

Salsa Season In The Midwest

    Salsa has a season; at least it does in the Midwest. It begins when those first July tomatoes ripen on the vine, and it might last into the middle of September.      It’s hard to beat the succulent taste of a fresh tomato, and it spoils it for the rest of the year when we have to rely on grocery stores to be our providers. Their tomatoes certainly don’t compare with our homegrown types, but it really isn’t fair to the out-of-state growers to make such comparisons.      First…

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Wine flight

Wine Flight Appetizers (A Novel First Course)

      For a novel first course, we sometimes substitute the salad for a wine flight. We’ve found this to be an enjoyable and unique way to kick off an evening.      To populate a wine flight, we select wines either by vintage, varietal, region, or country. We also think it’s a good idea to consider the level of sophistication of the guests’ wine palettes. If our guests are new to wine, it gives them a chance to contrast the differences between each grape.       One of our recent wine flights featured…

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Camembert (Warmed) With Wild Mushroom Fricassee

     The World Series has been known as “The Fall Classic” for decades, but in our family we have recently added our own fall classic. It’s Food & Wine’s recipe for Warmed Camembert With Wild Mushroom Fricassee.      We have always liked soft cheeses, especially Brie, and many times we have eaten it warmed (melted). It was usually served with a sweet topping consisting of apples or apricots, but this recipe takes more of a savory approach. It calls for Camembert which is much like our old favorite, Brie. It…

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