February 2017

Preparing fish

White Fish With Crispy Caper Bread Crumbs

     I have mixed feelings about people in the kitchen when I am cooking. I think the proverb is true about too many cooks. It can lead to confusion and ultimate failure (spoiling the broth).      I’ve also found it to be distracting. My efforts at trying to cook a meal and carry on a conversation has resulted in burnt French bread, sauces ending up being too thick, and meat that was overdone.      But there are times when you will want extra people in your kitchen. It might be…

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Seared tuna

Fresh Tuna Pan-seared With Ginger-Shiitake Cream Sauce

     It wasn’t as if we didn’t have choices. We could choose if we wanted to buy our tuna in pouches or cans and packed in water or oil. We also had the choice of serving it in either a sandwich or a casserole. This was the extent of what I knew about tuna the first four decades of my life. Fresh tuna steaks? Whoever heard of such things?      Well, fresh tuna steaks have often been described as “the fillet mignon of the sea.” The meat’s texture is dense and firm,…

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Turtle for soup

Turtle Soup (A Louisiana Delicacy)

      Seeking culinary adventures while vacationing in New Orleans, Dorothy and I thought what better way to begin than to dine at Commander’s Palace. We’d heard so much about the great food and impeccable service, and we were very excited about the evening’s possibilities.      As a first course we ordered turtle soup. It was suggested by our waiter that we might order a glass of sherry to drink with the soup, and we followed his advice.      The soup arrived at our table. It had a wonderful aroma and…

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