Derby Day Is About Horses – And Kentucky Bourbon

Kentucky Derby

     Of course, in the state of Kentucky it’s going to be all about the horses. Once a year this passion manifests itself in a marvelous event known as The Kentucky Derby. Many people travel great distances to experience the energy and the excitement surrounding what has become known as “The Run For The Roses.”

     But Derby day is so much more than just a horserace. As the title says, it’s also about the bourbon. The locals are very fond of their native drink. They begin drinking early in the day, and they drink late into the evening. It’s the thing to do on Derby day.   

     To get an actual taste for what this is all about, you don’t have to travel to the “Bluegrass State.” You can be a part of the festivities by hosting a Kentucky Derby party in your home. It’s a chance to invite some friends over to witness and be part of this special occasion.

     As in everything worth doing, you need to develop a good plan. For starters, you will need a great mint julep recipe. Click on Mint Julep and it will take you to a recipe for this Southern classic featuring Maker’s Mark. 

     An afternoon of drinks, racing, and all the rest of the hoopla will give you and your guests huge appetites. Since “All Things Kentucky” should be your theme, serve them one of their native dishes, Kentucky Burgoo Stew. Don’t forget to have plenty of biscuits, honey, and butter to accompany this hearty dish.

     And then in the evening, when the winner has been crowned and the mood has mellowed, it’s time for you to go to your cabinet and get that “trophy” bottle of bourbon. Treat your guests and yourself to a healthy pour (at least two fingers). If you really want to give everyone an extra treat, serve it with a piece of coconut cake. Yes, Coconut Cake. You are probably wondering how this can work, but the pairing is unbelievable. It will add a whole new dimension to the word superb.

     I know I said Kentucky is all about horses and bourbon, but you shouldn’t forget about Derby fashion. You might suggest that everyone arrive in their best Southern Attire, such as seersucker for the gentlemen and those wonderfully outrageous hats for the ladies. Everyone present will be absolutely dazzled by the scene, and don’t spare the expense. There is a high likelihood that this will be an annual hosting, and you will have your outfit for the following year. Except for the ladies’ hats. You wouldn’t think of wearing the same hat two years in a row.

     So, until next March when I will send out the Kentucky Derby Party reminder telling you it’s time to get busy, I will close with an old Kentucky toast:

               Here’s to faster horses, older bourbon, and more money. Cheers!

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