Prepare An Intimate Dinner Just For Her

Women have always been an enigma to men. We have been trying to figure them out since the beginning of time, and most of us are befuddled. So, what do women really want?

According to my sources, what a woman desires most is an evening where she not only receives her man’s undivided attention, but some romance as well, and one of the most romantic things he can do is to prepare a candlelight dinner especially for her. It’s a valuable skill for any devoted man to know, and armed with this knowledge, he’s able to give the love of his life an evening she will always remember 

So how is he going to bring about such an event? He starts by selecting a great but simple recipe. I recommend preparing a beautifully finished filet, seared on the outside and uniformly pink on the inside. He can prepare a delicious pan sauce and wow her in the process by performing a flambé, which will not only get her attention but light her fire as well. This exciting entrée can be served with a vegetable and a baguette. A good wine that pairs well can complement their dinner, and for dessert, ice cream with a lemon sauce he’s prepared ahead of time.

Serve a special after-dinner drink such as a liqueur or cognac, and combine this with conversation on topics that actually interest her. He should note his appreciation and mention at least once during the evening that she’s the most fascinating woman he’s ever met, and he can’t miss.

How should he close? He should clean up his own mess – but do it the next day. And the rest of the evening is up to them.

For a copy of the beautifully finished filet recipe, click on steak au poivre. The recipe will appear after the narrative.