Wine Tasting Evaluation Sheet

Type Of Wine:

Producer’s Name:

Vintage: Friends Present:

Price and Purchased From:


Place Of Tasting:

Friends Present:

Name Of Taster:

Preparation: Make sure the wine is at the proper temperature and has had some time to breath. Serve it in a clean, will-rinsed glass. Always hold the glass by the stem to prevent your hands from warming the wine. If you have recently had anything to eat or drink, you may wish to have some bread or an unflavored cracker to cleanse your palate.

_____ (0-4 points) VISUAL – Hold it up against a white surface in bright light.
Clarity: evidence of sediment, hazy, clear, bright, brilliant
Intensity of color: 1-2-3-4-5
Color Of White Wine: light, straw-green, straw, gold, gold-copper, copper, amber
Color Of Red Wine: purple, ruby, garnet, brick red, amber
Additional comments:

_____ (0-6 points) AROMA – Vigorously swirl the wine around in the glass to release the odors.
Intensity: none, faint, delicate, medium intensity, intense, very intense
Quality: unappetizing, common, good, pleasant, fine, excellent
Helpful descriptors: fruity, vegetable, grassy, herb, nutty, spice, floral, toasted, animal, leather, smoky, oaky, bettery,
toasty, tobacco, woody
Additional comments:

_____ (0-4 points) TEXTURE – Take a small amount in your mouth. Hold it on your tongue.
How does the wine feel?
Acidity: flat, flabby, lively, vibrant, crisp, tart
Tannin: soft, smooth, creamy, velvety, firm, tannic, bitter, harsh, astringent
Maturity: tannic zing (immature), mature, perhaps beyond its prime
Additional comments:

_____ (0-10 points) TASTE – Lightly swirl it around your mouth. Keep it there for a brief period.
Taste consistent with aroma: Yes, No
Sweetness: very dry, dry, off-dry, neutral, sweet, very sweet
Body: thin, light, medium, full, rich
Complexity (layers): very simple, simple, average, complex, very complex
Balance: unbalanced, balanced, very well-balanced
Additional comments:

_____ (0-6 points) Finish – Swallow the wine.
Intensity: none, faint, delicate, medium intensity, intense, very intense
Length: very short, short, medium, long, very long
The same as the mouth taste?: Yes, No Does it make you want another sip?: Yes, No
Additional comments:

_____ OVERALL IMPRESSION (Total Points)

10-14 Average

20-24 Outstanding

15-19 Good to Very Good

25-30 Excellent – a great wine