A Cheese Course? Of Course


     This quote is attributed to Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. He was an eighteenth-century lawyer and politician as well as a noted epicure who is credited with many other quotes regarding food.

A Wonderful Addition

A Cheese Course With Wine. Of Course.

     I think a cheese course is a wonderful addition to any meal. It is usually inserted between the main meal and dessert. When we are hosting a dinner party, we have found that dessert is often too heavy an addition after a huge meal, and replacing dessert with a cheese course is a better option. And when someone looks at you in a puzzled way and asks, “A cheese course(?),” you can say, “Of course.”

     Most cheese courses have three selections; however, you can do one and let it play solo.  It can be accompanied by nut bread, fruit, and a small glass of wine that pairs well with your choices.

The Best Of The Best

Brillat-Savarin – Our Personal Favorite

     My choice for the solo cheese is a cow’s milk triple cream called Brillat-Savarin named after the noted gastronome. It costs about $27 a wheel, but you can purchase it in a smaller size. It is a soft cheese with a thin edible rind and is just the best. I like to pair it with either chardonnay or a sipping tequila such as Patron.

     And where can one purchase the marvelous Brillat-Savarin? You can get it online at Murray’s Cheese Shop, and they will ship it to you. Murray’s has been around a long time. It was opened in 1940 by Murray Greenberg, and it’s been a New York icon ever since. The first store was in Greenwich Village on Bleeker Street and is still operating. He later opened another at Grand Central Station.

     Whenever we get to New York, two of our regular stops are the Grand Central Oyster Bar and Murray’s Cheese Shop, both located at Grand Central Station. If nothing else, Grand Central Station should be one of your stops whenever you are in New York. Why? Because it is grand in the true sense of the word. To go to Murray’s Cheese Store site, click on Murray’s Cheese Store.

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