February 2017

Apple pie

Apple Pie Salted Caramel (Let’s Talk Pie)

     “As American as apple pie.” Though popular this expression’s not terribly old. Back in the 1960s things typically American began to be described as such.      Another expression, “Easy as pie,” is the aphorism I have an issue with. I agree that pie should be easy because there are only two components- the filling and the crust.      The filling is simply a matter of putting together the right ingredients in proper amounts, but the crust? Now that’s a different matter. It’s not only the ingredients; it’s also about…

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Taking a taste A Peach

“A Taste Like Having A Circus In My Mouth”

In a Seinfeld episode entitled “The Doodle,” Kramer described the taste and sensation of biting into a Mackinaw peach in the following way, “It’s like having a circus in my mouth.” I think we’ve all experienced this. If it was a food we were acquainted with, then we had the anticipation of that first taste that was forthcoming. If it was a food we hadn’t experienced before, then the element of surprise was the essence. In either case, if the sensation was “over the top,” then we probably have experienced...

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Baked Bread

My Aunt Emma (Bread Baker and Snoop Extraordinaire)

Almost everyone agrees that we need a certain amount of intelligence monitoring and gathering on the bad guys. The issue seems to be to what extent the surveillance is necessary. When does the National Security Agency cross the line and simply become the nation’s busybody poking around in our private affairs? It’s too bad my Aunt Emma is no longer with us. She was the NSA of our community, and her ability to gather intelligence was legendary. With her network of snoops and spies she ferreted out much of the...

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Love Songs and Oreo Cookies

You Do Something To Me is a great song. When I sing it, its heartfelt lyrics have the ability to actually transcend the awful quality of my voice. It’s always been my love song to my wife. It was written by Cole Porter in 1929. It’s been recorded by numerous artists who have crooned this song to the “objects of their affection” many times in movies and on television. As I said, it’s a great song, and they just don’t write songs like this anymore. You can imagine my surprise...

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