May 2017

Fried chicken

Double-Fried And Countrified Chicken

    Most of you probably think of chicken as a type of meat that’s found in your grocer’s meat case. Because I grew up on a farm, when I think of chicken, a whole different world comes to mind.      In our hierarchy of animal care, chickens were on the bottommost rung. They were noncompliant, very excitable and mean. They were also free to roam, so on a typical farmstead they would be everywhere, and so were their droppings. As a result every step I took had to be placed with extreme care…

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Fishing relationship

Fishing And Me – A Failed Relationship

     Fishing and I were in a relationship that just never worked out. It wasn’t a good match, and like most of us do at the end of a failed relationship, we say, “It’s not you; it’s me.”      That’s how I felt about fishing. It wasn’t fishing’s fault; it was mine. Most people love it. They will travel great distances and spend large amounts of money on lodging, boats, and gear. They end up having a great time, and they come home with wonderful stories to tell. This never…

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Kentucky Derby

Derby Day Is About Horses – And Kentucky Bourbon

     Of course, in the state of Kentucky it’s going to be all about the horses. Once a year this passion manifests itself in a marvelous event known as The Kentucky Derby. Many people travel great distances to experience the energy and the excitement surrounding what has become known as “The Run For The Roses.”      But Derby day is so much more than just a horserace. As the title says, it’s also about the bourbon. The locals are very fond of their native drink. They begin drinking early in…

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