July 2019

Time To Take Your Culinary Entertaining Outdoors

     If you live in a four-season climate, you know the first part of June is  the best time for entertaining outdoors. Lawns and foliage are fresh and green; the flies and mosquitoes aren’t yet in peak form, and it isn’t so ungodly hot.  After waiting all winter, margarita season has finally arrived.      Are you looking for something besides salsa to serve with a pitcher of margaritas? Prepare a delicious guacamole dip made with fresh ingredients and serve it in a molcajete (a traditional Mexican version of a mortar…

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Steak and Stilton Pie

Our Tradition      Buying a half-moon cut of Stilton each Christmas season and serving it with port has become a tradition in our house. The sweetness of the wine and the saltiness of the cheese make it a perfect pairing. Pub Grub      After the holidays have passed, there is always some Stilton left over; at least we hope there is so that we can make steak and Stilton pies. This is pub grub at its finest. What makes them so delicious is the addition of the cheese and stout…

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Affordable Decadence

Ah. The Upper Tier      In our global society, there exists an upper tier of people, a rarefied and moneyed class. They’ve arrived at this station either by achievement, marriage, or inheritance. They lead lives of pleasure and privilege and involve themselves with the quest and consumption of expensive goods.      Their trappings might include palatial mansions, luxury vehicles, expensive yachts, designer clothes, premium drink, and specialty foods that are extraordinary and unique. My subject, caviar, is considered to be one of those foods.      To purists, the term “caviar”…

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Tomato salsa

Summer Is Tomato Salsa Season

There’s Nothing Like Fresh Salsa     Fresh salsa has a season; at least it does in the Midwest. It begins when that first July tomato ripens on the vine. In a good year, it might last into the middle of September. In Defense Of Grocery Store Providers     It’s hard to beat the succulent taste of a fresh tomato, and it spoils it for the rest of the year when we have to rely on grocery stores to be our providers. Their tomatoes certainly don’t compare with our homegrown types,…

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Pimiento Cheese Spread

WANT TO ENJOY A CHEAP LUNCH? EAT AT THE MASTERS AND ORDER A PIMIENTO CHEESE SANDWICH      Scheduled for the first full week of April, the Masters is the first major of the year, and unlike the others, it is always held at the same location, Augusta National Golf Club. It’s a private course in the southeastern United States, in the city of Augusta, Georgia. The setting is beautiful. It is run with clockwork precision. It showcases the best golfers in the world. But you know all of this.     …

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