May 2018


Shhh! Secret Ingredients

Vive La Différence      Secret Ingredients can make a big difference in a dish. I would like to tell you about six of my favorites. I had originally planned to take them to my grave; however, I can’t in good conscience not tell you.      Up until now they’ve been closely guarded. The only exceptions where I’ve shared them have been with good friends and blood relatives, and I had each of them sign documents saying they would not divulge this information. The magic six are listed in no specific order: Truffle Salt (an…

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Fried chicken

Yo’ Mamma’s Fried Chicken

    Most of you probably think of chicken as a type of meat that’s found in your grocer’s meat case. Because I grew up on a farm, when I think of chicken, a whole different world comes to mind.      In our hierarchy of animal care, chickens were on the bottommost rung. They were noncompliant, very excitable and mean. They were also free to roam, so on a typical farmstead they would be everywhere, and so were their droppings. As a result every step I took had to be placed with extreme care…

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The Entertaining Countdown Plan

The day of the dinner party I need to have a plan. In the past I usually had this sketched out the day before, but I began to notice that the plan was basically the same each time. I decided to compose an entertaining countdown sheet I could use before each dinner party. I can look at it and know immediately what needs to be taken care of. Also, if someone wants to help, I can consult the list and assign them an activity. This has been a lifesaver. My…

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