Your First Dinner Party? Start Simple.


Keep It Really Simple

     If you’re interested in hosting a dinner party, don’t start with a sit-down dinner for eight.

     Host a dinner with yourself and one other person. Pick an elegant but simple recipe and perfect it. A simple but exquisite dish is Chicken Marbella.  It may take several iterations to get it right, but your patience will be rewarded.

It’s Showtime

     Next try a dinner party for four. Serve the dish you have practiced preparing, and figure out how to make it special. Pick some sides that will compliment the entrée   Add some special touches to the table and do what you can to make the occasion unique.

This Is Important!!!

     When inviting your guests, don’t actually announce it’s a dinner party. There’s a good chance your guests will immediately be intimidated by the prospect. Just say we’d like to invite you over for dinner, and then surprise them with your special menu and unique approach. This removes the intimidation factor.

Lessons Learned


     As you have people over for dinner, you will note who likes the concept and appreciates your efforts. These are the people you want to invite back. 

     And do not expect reciprocity. It’s too much to hope for; anyway, that’s not the point of having a dinner party. It’s all about them.

     The whole hosting experience can be a good social lesson. As a result of being a good host, when you do get invited to someone else’s dinner party, it will make you a better and more appreciative guest. I will write more on this later.


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