February 2017


Spaetzle Noodles With Fresh Herbs

     First of all, spaetzle does not rhyme with pretzel. It’s pronounced as either the two-syllable “shpet zlah “or the three-syllable “shpet zel ah.”      Someone once called spaetzle “the noodle’s ugly cousin.” An egg noodle mini-dumpling-like in appearance, it can easily be made from scratch and then formed into spaetzle. They’re then dropped into boiling water, and when they surface, they’re done.      While there are various methods to form the spaetzle noodle, the best method is to actually buy a spaetzle maker or press. If you are a male…

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Chicken Marbella

     Home to many of today’s rich and famous, Marbella (pronounced mar-bay-ah) is located in the south of Spain between Malaga and Gibraltar. In the middle of the twentieth century, American film stars discovered its gorgeous beaches and marvelous climate. The wealthy Saudis and European aristocrats followed shortly thereafter.  Well, I Can Dream Can’t I?      Today it’s a resort town packed with out-of-sight mansions, luxury boats, and upscale automobiles. The streets are lined with designer shops and great restaurants. It has a pulsating night life, and it’s very upscale and high…

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tterflied lobster

Lobster Tails Butterflied

     Because we live in a landlocked state, few of our guests know anything about lobsters. I always like to impart a bit of information about what I’m about to serve, so I try to regale those assembled with some noted facts.      It takes an American lobster 6-7 years to get to an edible size. While it feeds primarily on fish and mollusks, it will also consume algae, other plant life, and even other lobsters.  It’s a ten-legged crustacean that walks forward, but if it needs to quickly get…

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Jambalaya (On The Bayou)

     It was in the 1950s when country music legend, Hank Williams, released a slew of hits. One of my favorites was “On The Bayou,” a song he wrote along with Moon Mullican. It was number one on the country charts for fourteen consecutive weeks, and it also had huge success as a crossover tune. It’s a song that celebrates good times, good music, good lovin’, and Cajun cuisine.      Although Hank was born and reared an Alabama boy, he did spend some time in Shreveport. I’m assuming this is…

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Guacamole In A Molcajete (Patio Fare)

     Are you looking for something besides salsa to serve with a pitcher of margaritas? Prepare a delicious guacamole dip made with fresh ingredients and serve it in a molcajete        A molcajete is a traditional Mexican version of a mortar and pestle). It has a rough surface, so you can use it to crush and grind herbs and spices, making it very functional.  You can actually make the guacamole in the molcajete and then garnish the top with strips of pimento and sprigs of either cilantro or Italian parsley.       Its…

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Frog legs

Frog Legs Frenched And Fried

     “I’ve heard it tastes like chicken.” This is usually the response I get when I mention I’ll be preparing frog legs. While the meat does look a bit like chicken, I’ve found the taste to be more subtle and fishlike. Because the meat is cooked right next to the bones, it imparts a rich and delicate flavor, so as far as I’m concerned, frog legs taste like frog legs.     They were never available locally until a new grocery store opened. We had heard their fish section was fantastic, and someone…

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