June 2017

Intimate picnic in wilderness

The Intimate Picnic – Woo Her In The Wilderness

     When it comes to an intimate picnic, I think Omar Khayyam had the right idea:           “A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,            A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread—and Thou            Beside me singing in the Wilderness—            Oh, Wilderness were Paradise now!”      It doesn’t take much time, effort, or money to host an intimate picnic Omar Khayyam-style. All you need is a book of poetry, a baguette, some soft cheese, a jar of fig jam, and wine. If you think this might become a regular…

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Patio Toad

The Margarita Lifestyle – Chippin’ Dippin’ and Sippin’

     There’s nothing like a cool and tasty margarita on a hot summer’s day! It’s a grand accompaniment to go along with the guacamole and homemade chips I posted last week (click on Time To Take Your Culinary Entertaining Outdoors). All are made with fresh ingredients, and everyone knows chippin’, dippin’, and sippin’ is the perfect Rx for summer. So here it is – the best recipe ever for The Perfect Margarita!  Pitcher     Two Servings      6 oz.              3 oz.             Lime juice (two limes = about 3 oz.)      ½ cup           ¼ cup        …

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Time To Take Your Culinary Entertaining Outdoors

     If you live in a four-season climate, you know the first part of June is  the best time for entertaining outdoors. Lawns and foliage are fresh and green; the flies and mosquitoes aren’t yet in peak form, and it isn’t so ungodly hot.  After waiting all winter, margarita season has finally arrived.      Are you looking for something besides salsa to serve with a pitcher of margaritas? Prepare a delicious guacamole dip made with fresh ingredients and serve it in a molcajete (a traditional Mexican version of a mortar…

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