Gin and Tonic

Step Aside Coffee! This Is A Job For Gin.

It Understands.

And like yourself, gin can be

uncomplicated, or it can be complex.


1.5 oz. of your favorite gin

3-4 oz. of tonic

Add to a glass ½ full of ice,

And you are seconds away towards a solution.


The Sweet and Sour Gin and Tonic

1 oz. Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice

1/2 oz. of homemade sweetened lime juice

1/2 oz. of lemon juice

2 shakes of bitters

2 oz. of your best gin (pick your poison)

3-4 oz. of Fevertree tonic (no substitutions)

Add all of the above to a glass half full of ice.

And stick a sprig of Rosemary in the glass,

So, when you are sipping from the glass,

It pokes you in the nose.

The Creed:

We consider each of our guests to be special. We want to give your drink the special attention you deserve, because ‘in all the gin joints in all of the world, you have walked into ours.’ And we will do our best to try to make things better.