Special Section For Baby Boomers


And You Don’t Think Of Yourself As Being Old – Yet.

     If you are a boomer, you are a member of a segment where the ages now range from 54 to 72 years old, constituting 28% of our nation’s population. You’ve been defining our culture for over 70 years, and your perception on aging is different from the generations that preceded you. And the leading-edge baby boomers certainly don’t think of themselves as being old. In your minds you are still viable and vital. You are the best-educated and most diverse senior generation ever.


     Some of you boomers are now starting to retire and will want to keep going and keep growing. This is a time to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or refine what you already know. If you think your skills regarding entertaining friends and family are lacking, now is the time to up your game. 

Entertaining at Home

     Entertaining in your home shows affection, and it’s an amazing way to bond. And it shows appreciation for your friends. It’s about mingling with people you enjoy. And also it’s a chance to meet new people and to be introduced to new thoughts and new ideas.

Sending the Golden Invitation

     I’d like my site to be the Bible for the boomer, both as reference and guide in this endeavor. It’s informative and presented in an interesting and humorous way. In time you can establish a reputation as a knowledgeable and skillful host. The reader will be the person who can issue that golden invitation everyone wants to receive.

Sociability Is Important

     A senior’s degree of sociability can be a factor in determining how long we will live. Having people over plays into this. It’s easy to be reclusive after having an active working life. By having a goal-oriented plan, this will provide the impetus to be more social.