December 2016

Rack of pork roast

Let’s Talk Pork

     And no, this topic has absolutely nothing to do with wasteful government spending. Our topic does have everything to do with the preparation of what’s been called “the other white meat.”      It seems to me the majority of the really bad meals I’ve eaten over the course of my life have involved pork. I’ve choked down uninteresting, unpalatable, and barely digestible roasts, loins that couldn’t be saved no matter how much sauce was ladled over them, and chops that could have been better used as shingles nailed to the…

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Emeril Lagasse And Loyalty

     Enter Emeril Lagasse.  First of all this amazing man accomplished what I thought would be impossible.  He got the message out that it’s okay (and even cool) for “real men” to cook in the kitchen and not just on the patio.       He made gourmet cooking macho.  Beefy men without necks would sit in his audience giving him their undivided attention as he explained the finer points in how to fricassee a chicken.  They would erupt in hoots and cheers when, after looking at his audience with a mischievous look, he…

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