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A Delicious And Interesting Seafood Bolognese

A Seafood Bolognese?      By definition, a seafood Bolognese makes no sense. According to culinary tradition, a Bolognese sauce is meat-based, and it’s referred to as ragu’ in Italy. It reflects the cuisine of Northern Italy. This part of Italy is more fitted to support livestock and wildlife with its green pastures and woodlands. Also, the North borders Austria and France influence what they prepare.      As I said, there’s no meat in this recipe. Instead, a fresh seafood selection has been used which is a staple of the cooking of Southern Italy….

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The Friday Afternoon Club Party

     Perhaps the easiest way to have people over is to invite them to a Friday Afternoon Club. While these informal gatherings are called Friday Afternoon Clubs, any afternoon will work.      When we host an FAC, the gathering usually starts at about 5:00 p.m. and breaks about 7:00 p.m. It can be a small or a large 40+ guest list. It’s a BYOB format (usually a bottle of wine) and everyone is encouraged to bring a snack that can be shared by all in attendance. The Bar Preparation     …

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filet cooked medium-rare

Making Valentine’s Day Memorable

For The Gentlemen Readers      Let’s travel back in time to Valentine’s Day 2017. Do you remember what you did to make that day special for your beloved? You don’t? Well, then it’s doubtful that she does either. The obvious goal of Valentine’s Day, that holiday of romance, love, and affection, should be to make it a day she will never forget.      Cards, flowers, and candy are nice, but they are drearily predictable. It should be noted that surprises are remembered longer than planned events, so surprise her with something clever…

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old fashioned

The Old Fashioned – Your Dad’s Favorite Cocktail Is Making A Comeback

     There are comfort foods – and there are comfort drinks. An old fashioned is one of those comfort drinks. From the first sip to that last drop you know this is what you’ve needed. It has that perfect blend of citrus, sweet, bitters, and booze. It goes down smooth. You wait a bit, and then you know that things really are going to get better. The Time-tested Recipe Add sugar cube to glass. Soak cube with angostura bitters and muddle cube. Muddle orange and lemon peels. Add 1 oz water, stir,…

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Host A Super Bowl Party and Serve Chain-gang Chili

The Super Bowl and Chain-gang Chili – A Match Made In Heaven      George Will once said. “Football incorporates the two worst elements of American society: violence punctuated by committee meetings.”      So, why not celebrate the violence we have come to love in a special way? Have a Super Bowl party and serve your guests some bowls of Hy Abernathy’s Chain-gang chili? It’s hot. It’s irreverent. And it’s badass. Vegetarians Need Not Apply      It’s basically a carnivore’s dream. There’s lots of protein in this chili – there’s beef, chicken and pork. And…

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Seared scallops

A Scallop With Lemon Butter Sauce – Simply Divine

     For those of us who love fish, nothing can compare to that delectable taste we experience when we bite into a scallop. Sweet and delicate with a melt in your mouth goodness, it’s heaven at the end of your fork. And scallops served with a lemon butter sauce are divine. Pay Close Attention When Cooking Your Scallops      It should be noted that we scallop lovers are a fussy lot. We detest one that isn’t cooked properly. If it’s overcooked, it will be chewy and rubbery – and undercooked isn’t…

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On The Road Again – NYC and McCoy Tyner

A Dinner Parties and More Extra . . . A Review Tyner At The Blue Note      While researching things to do for a forthcoming trip to New York City, I noticed McCoy Tyner was scheduled to play at the Blue Note. I knew this might be my last chance to get to hear him play, so we purchased tickets.      We love jazz club venues, and the Blue Note is one of the best. We were seated right next to the stage. The piano was on a riser immediately above us so we had…

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Croque Madame – Inviting A Lady To Breakfast

Offering a French Delight      If you are hosting overnight guests for the holidays, and you want to add a cosmopolitan touch to breakfast, serve each of them a croque madame. If they’ve never eaten one before, then they are in for a treat.          It’s really simple to make. It’s a half sandwich where a slice of bread is covered with a high-quality wet-cured ham. Ladle some béchamel sauce on top of the ham, and cover everything with a layer of coarsely-grated Gruyere cheese. Melt the cheese, and then add the pièce de résistance…

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lemon curd

Give A Delicious Lemon Curd

A lemon curd? I’m thinking YUCK!      My introduction to a lemon curd was at a friend’s house. Their breakfast offering was scones served with a lemon curd. The curds and whey mentioned in the nursery rhyme immediately popped into my head. Note the picture of Little Miss Muffet looking none too pleased with her curds and whey.      This always sounded awful to me, so with some trepidation I spread it on my scone. It resembled a spreadable custard in consistency, and it is in fact a type of preserves. It was delicious. And…

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You Need An Ice Crusher. Really!!!

Yes. An ice crusher. You need one. You just don’t realize it yet.      What’s the kitchen device or utensil that you think is your most valuable possession – the one you absolutely couldn’t live without? This question oftentimes comes up when cooks assemble. Everybody usually wants to weigh in, and they get passionate and sometimes even emotional about their choice.      It might be their stand mixer or their food processor. Many mention their gourmet knives or pieces of their cookware. Other items mentioned are their coffee or espresso maker, tabletop griddle,…

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