You Need An Ice Crusher. Really!!!


Yes. An ice crusher. You need one. You just don’t realize it yet.

     What’s the kitchen device or utensil that you think is your most valuable possession – the one you absolutely couldn’t live without? This question oftentimes comes up when cooks assemble. Everybody usually wants to weigh in, and they get passionate and sometimes even emotional about their choice.

     It might be their stand mixer or their food processor. Many mention their gourmet knives or pieces of their cookware. Other items mentioned are their coffee or espresso maker, tabletop griddle, or blender. But everyone seems to have a favorite utensil or a device about which they sing its praises.

      For me it’s my Waring Pro ice crusher. It was an expensive purchase at the time, and I dread the day when I have to cough up the money to replace it, but if I have to replace it, I will.


Do you really want to know a woman who couldn’t be tempted by a cosmopolitan?

     And why is it my choice? One word: the cosmopolitan. Sure. I use it a lot during margarita season, and I use it for an occasional daiquiri and such, but I mainly use for mixing cosmopolitans. It’s my go-to drink for the ladies. I have a great cosmopolitan recipe, and each seems to be delighted when I hand her the drink. They taste it, and it’s instant rapture . I love it. Even at this age of my life I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

What’s My Second Favorite Kitchen Device Or Utensil?

     My long-handled wooden flat-edged spoon. I use it when I sauté or make risotto – but it’s not nearly as sexy as my ice crusher.

My long-handled wooden flat-edged spoon posed in a recumbent position – trying to look sexy.

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