Croque Madame – Inviting A Lady To Breakfast


Offering a French Delight


         A French Press

     If you are hosting overnight guests for the holidays, and you want to add a cosmopolitan touch to breakfast, serve each of them a croque madame. If they’ve never eaten one before, then they are in for a treat.    

     It’s really simple to make. It’s a half sandwich where a slice of bread is covered with a high-quality wet-cured ham. Ladle some béchamel sauce on top of the ham, and cover everything with a layer of coarsely-grated Gruyere cheese. Melt the cheese, and then add the pièce de résistance – an egg with a soft yolk.

     And voila! Iconic French cuisine prepared by you in your kitchen much to the delight of your guests. C’est magnifique.

Your Guests Can Have Their Choice Of Gender


         The Croque Monsieur

     There’s a similar version. If anyone would like a croque monsieur, first prepare the croque madame.  The transition is made by either removing the egg from the top or not adding it in the first place. And there you have it. 

     See? Changing gender is much simpler than you thought it might be. 

     For the recipe click on Croque Madame and scroll down through the narrative. For a nice touch offer your guests a French roast coffee made with a French press.


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