Making Valentine’s Day Memorable

filet cooked medium-rare

For The Gentlemen Readers

     Let’s travel back in time to Valentine’s Day 2017. Do you remember what you did to make that day special for your beloved? You don’t? Well, then it’s doubtful that she does either. The obvious goal of Valentine’s Day, that holiday of romance, love, and affection, should be to make it a day she will never forget.

valentine     Cards, flowers, and candy are nice, but they are drearily predictable. It should be noted that surprises are remembered longer than planned events, so surprise her with something clever and caring. 

     According to my sources, what a woman desires most is an evening where she not only receives her man’s undivided attention, but is romanced as well. And one of the most romantic things you can do is to prepare an intimate candlelight dinner especially for her.

Making It Happen

     You can start by selecting a great but simple recipe. I would recommend preparing a beautifully finished filet (click on Steak Au Poivre), seared on the outside and uniformly pink on the inside. A delicious pan sauce can also be prepared. And you can wow her in the process by performing a flambé. This will not only get her attention, but light her fire as well.  

     A vegetable and a baguette can also be served with this exciting entrée. A red wine such as a cab or a pinot noir can complement the dinner. And for dessert, purchase something light but sweet.

     If this sounds a bit too complicated, simplify it. Remember, it’s the effort you have put forth that she will find touching.

 The Close

     How should you close? You should clean up your own mess, of course – but you should do it the next day. There are more important matters you should attend to now.

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