Meiomi Rose´ – A Sexy Summer Wine (Review)


     The Meiomi rose´ is a sexy wine with a young vibe. And if I were a young man, I’d describe it the following way:

     From your first glance you notice its lascivious pink color. As you approach the lip of the glass you notice the wine’s heady aromas. You take a small sip. You feel a pleasant and playful sensation, so you take a full drink. It’s subtle, seductive, and complex. It entices you to take another, and another, and you pause as layer after layer flows over your palate and builds until it leaves you just this side of an orgasm. The sensation lingers for several minutes leaving you oh, so satisfied.

     But since I’ve become an old man, I no longer stoop to using tawdry references and sexual innuendo when I write a review. Instead I’ll simply say, “It’s a good wine; it tastes great, and it doesn’t cost much.”

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