The Solar Eclipse – A Reason to Party


     A solar eclipse is an infrequent event, but not as infrequent as you might think. About once every 18 months or so a total eclipse occurs some place on earth. But they are very infrequent if you stay in one spot. Then a total solar eclipse occurs approximately every 375 years.

     We are offered a unique opportunity to witness one soon. One will sweep across the country on August 21, 2017. Viewing it is accessible and well within travel distance for most people. That said, if you are lucky enough to live in its path, then I see it as a unique opportunity to have a party. So, why not throw a block party (double entendre)?

You Need a Plan

odd couple

    The first thing is to create a guest list. Invite your neighbors, friends, and relatives. To liven things up, be sure to invite some of your flakier friends.  There are a lot of off-the-wall theories and half-baked ideas out there involving the eclipse. 

     There have also been reports saying that an eclipse can trigger bizarre behavior.  As a result of what I’ve read, I’m extending my guest list to include a policeman, a priest, and a paramedic.

      Also, you need to have one expert in the crowd. Invite Neil deGrasse Tyson. Who knows. Maybe everyone just assumes he already has plans.

What Can One Serve at A Solar Eclipse Party?

     I’ve researched the internet and there are many old and new drinks you can serve to commemorate this event. There’s the eclipse gin cocktail, black and blue beer (Blue Moon and Guinness), black sun, circle of the sun, and other theme drinks.

Important Note: If you are bartending, water down the drinks before and during the event. You don’t want your guests to miss it.

Moon Pie

     For munchies, miniature Milky Way bars, Starbursts, and SunChips are some commercial products you can buy. Anything with cheese will work playing off the proverb and metaphor saying that “the moon is made of cheese.”

     You can also make some chocolate cupcakes with black butter-cream frosting, or moon pies. Sure, there are moon pies you can buy, but this event is special. I think you should make your own. I have a recipe on my blog site. Click on Solar Eclipse Moon Pies. Eating one of my moon pies takes about 7 ½ minutes which is how long the eclipse will last (actually, total darkness is about 2 min 30 sec).

The Solar Eclipse Play List

     My list includes the Theme From 2001 Space Odyssey (30 sec), Van Morrison’s Moon Dance (4 min 35 sec), and the Beatle’s Here Comes the Sun (3 min). Also, all total about 7 ½ minutes. Schedule the play list to begin exactly at the time the total eclipse begins. 

Viewing the Solar Eclipse


     Rather than buying the special glasses, have your guests buy flip-front welder’s helmets (lens rating of 14 or higher). For less than $50 they can order one from Imagine how cool it will be to look in your back yard and see it filled with people wearing welder’s helmets.

     And the purchase of a welding helmet may turn out to be a good investment. It may stimulate a guest of two to secure a secondary occupation or trade. In these unstable times, it’s good to have options, and welding pays well.

What If It’s a Cloudy Day?

Man with beer and chips watching TV at home

     Not all is lost. While it won’t be the same, you can view it on the internet. Click on “Eclipse Live – Streaming Video of August 21 Solar Eclipse” brought to you by NASA. Then you can experience the couch potato’s dream – viewing the solar eclipse while lying in a horizontal position.


     I hope this gets your hosting juices flowing. If you live in or close to the path of the eclipse, get busy. Make some plans. Make some memories.


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