Additional Recipes

Southern Black Eyed Peas

THE BLACK-EYED PEAS (music): The Black Eyed Peas (Southern side dish).      In the early 2000s, the group, The Black Eyed Peas, had a song that I still play to this day that rounds out the trio that I just love called “Pump It.” It was the first rap song I really liked, and I loved the way it was arranged.      I thought I’d begin my recipe narrative with an homage to their music. And I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas ever eat black eyed peas. But down…

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Crock of creamy homemade butter

Homemade Butter

      Butter – absolutely one of the sweetest, most delicious treats in life.  This was brought to light while we were enjoying a cheese plate with a side of bread at a favorite wine bar and delicatessen. I broke off a piece of the bread, buttered it, and I was shocked at how good it tasted. I like butter, but this was special.      Back home I tasted our usual brand of butter.  It paled by comparison. Over the next several weeks I tried seven different commercial brands, and none…

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     I believe there are fewer things tastier than a pork roast. A standing rib roast is perhaps the most elegant presentation, or you can purchase a bone-in shoulder roast, toss it into a pot and braise it. My favorite, by far, is the latter.      The recipe below is a bit busy, and it will take some time, but it is worth it. The spices are salt, pepper, coriander, and which are added to a braising liquid of apple juice (reduction), Calvados (apple brandy), and white wine….

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Chicken Lollipops

     My favorite meat in a chicken is the wing meat. It is also the hardest meat to prepare. It is easy if all you do is batter up the chicken wing the way if has been removed from the carcass, fry it, and then put it on a plate and serve it. But to do this is a diservice to your guests. It is a struggle to eat, and messy at best.      They can also be served as an elegant appetizer as a prelude to your…

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Salade Lyonnaise

Hailing from Lyon, this French bistro standard gathers a delectable trio of bitter frisee, runny poached egg, and crisp lardons. The salad gets an extra hit of pork flavor from emulsifying the vinaigrette with bacon fat; breaking the yolks into the greens adds even more richness.

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Iconic Lunch At The Masters – A Pimiento Cheese Sandwich.

     Scheduled for the first full week of April, the Masters is the first major of the year, and unlike the others, it is always held at the same location, Augusta National Golf Club. It’s a private course in the southeastern United States, in the city of Augusta, Georgia. The setting is beautiful. It is run with clockwork precision. It showcases the best golfers in the world. But you know all of this.      “It’s a cultural event where the Southern United Sates has its chest stuck out and is…

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Georgia Chain Gang Chili

Now What?      When you find yourself lying on a bunk in the big house, and the only appointment you have scheduled in the next 20 years (to life) is with the Georgia Department of Corrections, you realize you’re going to have lots of free time on your hands. So, what’s the plan?      You can volunteer to work in the kitchen and hone your culinary skills. I don’t know if this is Hy Abernathy’s story or not, but given the name of this chili, I’m sure it must have chain-gang roots…

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Rib roast

A Wonderful Classic – The Prime Rib Roast

     Mention Thanksgiving and the turkey with all the fixins immediately comes to mind. Depending on which historian you read, the turkey may or may not have been served at the first Thanksgiving meal. Many think the meat served was probably venison along with seafood and waterfowl. If there was turkey, it probably was wild turkey and not a domestic variety. Whatever they ate there seems to be clear consensus the first Thanksgiving involved serving plenty of meat. Give The Gobbler A Break This Year      I sometimes decide to give…

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Halibut For The Hell Of It

A Great Fish Selection      If you’re looking for a white fish that won’t fall apart in the skillet, and one that also tastes great, try halibut. The meat is low-fat, has a nice clean taste, and it requires little seasoning. It’s oftentimes hard to find, and it’s always pricey when its compared to other fish. Halibut is my favorite. We think of it as a rare treat, but it’s oh, so worth it.      When purchasing the filets, I ask for larger pieces cut from the center of the fish. And I…

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