Personal Info Sheet on Bob Miller


     I’m a recently retired hospital pharmacist. I’ve enjoyed a productive and interesting professional life as well as many personal diverse interests that I‘d like to tell you about.

     I’m now looking for meaningful and interesting work. I have listed below a brief history of my talents and passions:

My Pharmacy Career

     I’ve worked as a hospital pharmacist for 43+ years. I was the 1986 Nebraska Society of Hospital Pharmacist’s practitioner of the year and I’ve also held office in that organization.

     I’m very proud of my contributions in health care. I’d like to note that during that tenure I was never sued or even had a patient’s hospital stay extended because of my work. I feel relieved that I no longer have those concerns.


     I’ve had only one full-time job, and that has been at Phelps Memorial Health Center. Most of the time I spent as leader of their pharmacy department I was involved in clinical and leadership work. Several years ago, I stepped down. The past several years I worked as a part-time pharmacist.

     My most recent primary responsibilities involved consulting with patients, and I loved it. My favorite parts were interviewing the patients about their meds prior to surgery and consulting them about what was to happen after they get out of surgery.

     I also followed up with each of them the morning of each post-op day to assess their general condition and to intervene. If I thought their pain wasn’t being well controlled, I did an intervention. At least one time during every patient I would try to personally visit their room. I would talk with them about their meds along with some general PR. In retirement I miss this patient contact and the professional interaction of the wonderful people who work in health care.

     I am not interested in a traditional pharmacist position per say. But if there is a position as a hospital pharmacy consultant, in-room consultant, patient advocate, or something of that nature, I would be interested.

A Passion for Writing


     I have a blog site entitled “Dinner Parties and More,” click on The lost art of entertaining in your home is my main focus. I also include many recipes as well as a narrative preceding each one. Rather than explain, I think it would be best to go online and see what is on the site. Also included are talks about wine, travel, and other features. I try to present this with a sense of humor, and writing the blog posts is something I really enjoy.

     If, after perusing my site, you feel I could be of help in your business or any other endeavor, I would be happy to talk with you about it. I would like writing to be my focus from this point forward.

A Dance Instructor

     I taught social dancing for over 20 years. This has also been very rewarding. I taught country dance, ballroom, Latin, and Argentine tango. I have a list of over 1000 people I have taught. And I think I have added a dimension to their lives as a result of their exposure to dance.


Circa 2014

     During my lessons, I liked to educate my students about the history of the dance, the predominant music in each, and other notes of interest to enhance their enjoyment. This was not popular with some who simply wanted the dance instruction; however, there were many how enjoyed this. As a result, I stopped lecturing in dance class and would sent out an email with this information to those who signed up and wanted to receive it.

     I have a vast information on dance and popular music (mostly retro). Teaching in a school or college on this subject on either a full-time, part-time, or an occasional basis would be great. I also would consider giving a single introductory lesson to a large group, or to give lessons in our home to not more than six couples at a time.

Domestic Servant

     I try to help out and be supportive of my wife, Dorothy, who is very active in Kearney. I’ve noticed this has increased in retirement. I’m a good cook and I know how to clean. I empty the dishwasher every morning and I always leave the toilet seat down.


     Whenever Dorothy has either a social or professional soirée, I try to help as much as I can. I have many recipes for nibbles, and I know how to compose a decorative centerpiece from material I have gathered on our patio.

      I’m a very attentive host. I great the guests at the door, and I am constantly on the alert for the guest holding an empty wine glass. I hob nob when I think it is helpful, and disappear if the sitiation calls for me to do so. If there is a meeting and spouses are present, I suggest we leave them to their agenda. I then usher them into a separate room.

Other Interests:


      Past passions have been riding horses and sailing. I presently love to travel and to spend time entertaining family and friends where interesting conversation prevails. Photography is another hobby I enjoy, as is outdoor landscape design. See green room example to the right:

     I still feel I have much to give, and would like opportunities to do this. If anything I’ve said above has triggered any ideas of how I could be of help, please contact me and we will talk.

     Thanks so much for your consideration.

Bob Miller

4312 6th Ave. Kearney, Ne 68845

tele: (308)440-8549  email: