Muskmelon Selection – It Ain’t Easy

Picking Out the Perfect Muskmelon: WHO HAS THE GIFT?

     First of all, we’re talking muskmelon her. If the truth be told, most Americans have never tasted a cantaloupe. True cantaloupes are native to Europe. What we call a cantaloupe in the U.S. is actually a muskmelon.

     How can you tell a muskmelon is ripe?

  • By sight. Examine the skin should be a beige-tan with gray netting.
  • Hold it in your hands. Should be firm and when you squeeze it, it should give a little (but not too much) with a soft spot at the blossome end.
  • Give it a sniff. Should smell like fragrant flowers.
  • Hold it up to ear and give it a shake. If you can tell the seeds are loose, then the melon is ripe.

     You can follow the items of advice listed above, and this will help in your selection, but some people just seem to know. It’s like divining for water – some have the gift and most don’t.