If there was ever a time when we need humor, I think it’s now. It’s not that our society is totally devoid of humor; there’s plenty out there, but I think much of it is negative, divisive, and mean. We need a type of humor that can be shared among us – a type that will bring us back together and bonds the members of our tribe. It should be intelligent, clever, free of offensive words, and generally without reference to religion, politics, or sex, and be presented with a light and uplifting tone.

     When I write humor, I try to surprise and sometimes even shock. The pieces may be irreverent but in a fun way with off-the-wall comments, bizarre observations, outlandish insight, and funny conclusions. And oftentimes it’s just silly. At times I have found myself giggling out loud.

     The following chapters are basically a repository of many of the quips and quotes posts I’ve sent out on Facebook, but it also contains material that’s new. Some are essay-type pieces that are too long for the Facebook format.

     They can be found on my culinary website. Just click on Dinner Parties and More and then click on The Facebook Chronicles (Humor) in the left margin of the opening page. I hope you enjoy my work.

     Will Rogers said, “If there is no malice in your heart, then there can’t be none in your jokes.”