Robert & Dorothy Miller House – The Creative Creed

I Know. It’s all about us.

     It was in our nature to be the quintessential protagonists in the creation of this house. We wanted to design it to mirror our habits and our relish for a good life.

     In doing so we felt the architecture of the house should go well beyond form and function. It should be logical, clear, orderly, clean, removed from the avant-garde and technical trends, welcoming, warm, simple and humble, and without ostentation or signs of wealth.

     To begin with we reduced the design to its essence, reinforcing the details. We wanted the spaces to give us a sense of peace, calm, and serenity. We also wanted to have its proportions to be comfortable and harmonizing with the human body. By making it interesting we wanted to be moved by the design much like we are moved by poetry, art and music.

     To add further to its identity artificial lighting, furniture, and art were added. These items act catalysts in the creation of pure, clean, non-pretentious spaces each with its own unique environment.

Working With Our Contractor

     We started with an innovative blueprint from our contractor. We attempted to contribute to what already existed. Picasso used to say “art is not inventing something, new, but the transformation of something that already exists.” It’s our hope the collaborative efforts with our contractor created something extraordinary, to be admired and regarded much like a sculpture or a painting.

Our Investment In Time And Money

     We have not only enjoyed the creative process, but also working with the craftsmen. Hopefully the results of our work will transcend time allowing us to live and entertain within this space for many years to come. And it has.