Performing A Caesar Salad Preparation Tableside


     One of the more delightful experiences diners can have is for a skilled waiter to prepare a Caesar salad at their table. It’s a chance for waiters to demonstrate their art. The vigorous whisking, mixing, tossing and stirring the ingredients delights their patrons. It’s quite a show. After croutons are added for crunch and slivers of cheese for flavor, the masterpiece is served.  Ah, perfection.

Prepare Your Own Caesar Salad

     With a bit of preparation and practice, you can do this at home.  If you want some pointers, search YouTube. Watch several, and then develop your own tableside technique. An especially entertaining one has Emeril Lagasse performing the presentation. For my recipe click on Caesar Salad Without a Net. Scroll down through the narrative.

It’s Showtime

     Assemble all of the needed ingredients on a cart, and then wheel it to the table. Now is your chance to amaze your guests with your mastery.  They will be even more impressed if you’ve donned a tuxedo and have chilled salad plates at the ready. A tableside dish like this is what legends are made. Especially if you are able to perform this culinary feat without a net. 


The Result    

     A salad of which even Caesar could be proud to call his own.

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