Summer Is Tomato Salsa Season

Tomato salsa

There’s Nothing Like Fresh Salsa

    Fresh salsa has a season; at least it does in the Midwest. It begins when that first July tomato ripens on the vine. In a good year, it might last into the middle of September.

In Defense Of Grocery Store Providers

    It’s hard to beat the succulent taste of a fresh tomato, and it spoils it for the rest of the year when we have to rely on grocery stores to be our providers. Their tomatoes certainly don’t compare with our homegrown types, but it really isn’t fair to the out-of-state growers to make such comparisons.

     First of all, a ripe tomato shipped in from another state probably wouldn’t stand the trip. To prevent them from breaking down in transit, the tomatoes are usually picked green and ripen en route. The growers also produce tomatoes that are firmer, and they try to do this without losing taste in the process.

Suggestions On How To Store A Tomato

     There are a couple of things we can do so we’ll have a better tasting tomato, and these suggestions can actually help both the homegrown and the store-bought varieties:

Don’t store them in the refrigerator. Tomatoes shouldn’t be stored at temperatures less than 55 degrees, or they’ll develop a mealy taste and lose some of their firmness. Most refrigerators are set at the factory at 37 degrees, so a refrigerator is much too cold for tomatoes.

Store them on plates stem side down. This will prevent air from entering and moisture from exiting the tomato. If the tomato is still attached to the vine, they should be stored stem up. Some say both store-bought and homegrown tomatoes will benefit from sitting for three days on the counter away from sunlight.   

A Go-to Summer Snack

Patio Toad

     When tomato season arrives, salsa is our go-to snack. It’s healthy and delicious, and it tastes so much better than the bottled variety.  For our recipe click on Salsa Season In The Midwest and the recipe will appear below the narrative.We serve it with our homemade chips and a pitcher of our special margaritas (click on The Margarita Lifestyle – Chippin’ Dippin’ and Sippin’ ).  Now really.  Can life get any better than that?


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