Grilled Cheese Sandwich (An Homage)

grilled cheese sandwich

     The stock market goes up and down; fashion trends are in and out; friends come and go, and the weather is always a bit iffy, but I can always count on a grilled cheese sandwich. Their crispy, crunchy, buttery, salty, cheesy, gooey goodness is always sheer ecstasy, and I get weak in the knees just thinking about them.

     When an overwhelming desire for comfort food hits me, I’ll use whatever bread and cheese I have in the house, fire up the griddle, and go to work. At the same time I’m grilling the sandwich, I’m frying an egg to place on top. I love the runny yolk mixing with the sandwich. As a result, I’ll eat it with a knife and fork. 

     When I have a bit more time for preparation, I use pumpernickel bread slathered with mayonnaise (on the outside instead of butter), two layers of Swiss cheese with bread-and-butter pickles layered in between, a poached egg on top, and then I cover that with hollandaise sauce. I call it Eggs Benegrilledcheesesandwich, and man-oh-man-oh-man-oh-man is it good! 

     In my lifetime I’ve probably eaten thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches, and I’ve yet to have a bad one.  Some were just better than others.   

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (An Homage)

yields: 1 Serving prep time: Brief cook time: 5 Minutes
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2 Plenty Slathering Several
Bread slices Butter (inside) Mayonnaise (outside) Cheese slices (your favorite)
  • 2
    Bread slices
  • Plenty
    Butter (inside)
  • Slathering
    Mayonnaise (outside)
  • Several
    Cheese slices (your favorite)


 Enter Target Time _______________


Time: __________ (15 minutes prior to target time)

  1. Heat a griddle.

  2. Butter inside surfaces of bread with butter and outside surfaces with mayo.

  3. Assemble sandwich and place on a 350 degree griddle.

  4. Brown on each side.

  5. Remove from griddle. Let rest for a bit, and then slice in half.

  6. Be prepared to be amazed by its great taste.

Great with soup, or by itself with a few chips.

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