Poutine – Comfort Food At Its Best

I would like to note: THE NATIONAL DISH OF CANADA IS NOT RACHEL MCADAMS – It’s poutine. I know. This is exactly what I don’t need. Another type of comfort food.

For those of you who aren’t aware, it’s pronounced poo teen, and it’s a gloppy snack which consists of French fries, gravy, and melted cheese curds, and it’s absolutely died-and-gone-to-heaven good.

McDonalds sells it in Canada. And in several lists of the ten greatest Canadian inventions, it came in ahead of the electron microscope, the Blackberry, and the paint roller.

It should also be noted that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Russian leader, Putin; however, if you add an “e” at the end of Putin, the result sounds similar. It’s truly amazing what the addition of a silent “e” will do.

I think it will be the perfect snack while watching football, and I’m really on board with this. Besides, when I’m watching football, I’ll take poutine over an electron microscope any day.

For the recipe click on the link below –


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