No More Stacks Of Pots And Pans

Haning pots and pans

One recipe calls for a large steep-sided skillet. Another for a small saucepan. And yet another for a medium-sized casserole. You look in your cupboards at your stacks of saucepans, pots, skillets, casseroles, and bowls, and making the proper selection seems overwhelming. With some organization and referencing your inventory, making an educated selection can be easy.

I like to hang any piece of cookware that has a handle. If you install clothes rods in either a pantry or a utility cupboard, you can hang your saucepans, pots, and skillets using hooks. My utility cupboard is deep enough for two clothes rods. When I remove a piece from the deepest clothes rod, the resultant banging sounds like church bells. It is my Westminster chimes of cooking activity. Plus, they just look great.

Now that you have made your cookware inventory more visible, a helpful guide in your selection is a volume guide. Take every piece of cookware, and using measuring cups and water, find out how much volume is in each piece. Note this on a roster of your cookware, and put this reference sheet in the front of your favorite cookbook or on the inside surface of a cupboard door.

Instead of a roster you can take pictures of your cookware grouped together and label the size of each item. Both the roster and the pictures have proven to be very useful to me.