Oysters Rockefeller – A Great Holiday Appetizer

Oysters Rockefeller

First Up – Oysters Rockefeller

    When we are hosting a Christmas dinner, most of our guests arrive absolutely famished. They can’t wait to begin the feast. Knowing this we love to immediately offer them Oysters Rockefeller. It’s unique appetizer and a great starter,

     We let our guests know ahead of time what we will be serving. Not everyone will want to partake, so getting their orders before they arrive certainly helps in planning. We usually prepare 2-3 oysters per guest.

     Also, on Christmas day stovetop and oven space is at a premium. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to make up the filling a day ahead of time. Because Oysters Rockefeller are best eaten right out of the oven, we shuck, load, and bake them after all of our guests have arrived. Depending on how many servings we need to prepare, we reserve about 15 minutes of oven time per cooking session.  It makes for a busy kitchen, but it’s worth it.

Blue Point Oysters

     We are from the Midwest and live in a land-locked state. Thanks to one of our wonderful grocery stores, we have access to Blue Point oysters. The ones we purchase are medium-sized and very meaty. They are sweet, briny and a bit salty. Their taste is neutral enough where the oysters can take on the flavors of the filling when they are baked.

A Brief History Of The Dish


     While they are cooking you can pay homage to this wonderful dish by reciting some of its interesting history:

  • This renowned dish first appeared at Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans in 1899 by the proprietor, Jules Alciatore. According to legend, the dish was created as a substitute for baked French snails which weren’t available at that time.
  • The following recipe is the old Delmonico Restaurant’s take on the dish along with some changes and additions of my own. Because of the sauce’s intense richness, it was named in honor of John D. Rockefeller, a very wealthy man of that era.

     So, did John D. Rockefeller ever eat the dish that was his namesake? Probably not. According to my research, it was said he was a “meat and potatoes” man who preferred to dine at home.

Memories Are Made Of This

     We have received lots of compliments on our Oysters Rockefeller. It’s a unique experience, and we want to make this a staple of our holiday dining when we host in our home. Memories are indeed made because of offerings such as this.

     To view our recipe, click on Oysters Rockefeller, and scroll down past the narrative.

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