Liver Pâté. Trust Me. You’ll Love It.


     You can close your louver, leave your lover, go to the Louvre, or visit Rod Laver, but this is about liver. Yes, liver.
     This is one thing your mother was right about – liver is good for you. It contains lots of vitamins (A, B & D) and iron. But when I ask people if they like liver, I usually get a negative response, and many people are actually repulsed at the thought of eating it.

Liver Aficionados

     Cats, on the other hand, seem to love it. We used to feed our cats fresh livers when we were butchering chickens. We would place the livers on a plate and then place it in front of them. After eyeing us to be sure it was okay, they would rush the plate and then drag their chosen morsel to a place of privacy where they could enjoy it without interruption. Contrary to us, cats evidently are ones who realize that this is a delicacy because I have yet to see a human display this type of behavior.
     My mother cooked and served us liver and onions about once a month, so I am no stranger to this meal. I thought it always smelled better than it tasted, and it looked absolutely horrid on the plate. So, in my attempt to insert liver back into our regular diets, I decided to write a cookbook entitled Fifty Ways to Love Your Liver.

A Great Appetizer

     First is an appetizer, chicken liver pate. Spread it on a cracker and pair it with a nice flute of champagne or a glass of port, and it’s the height of elegance. It’s especially a good time to sneak this in among all of this other crap we are serving during the holiday season. And it’s not liver in your face; it’s more the essence of liver; besides, my recipe for liver pate also contains butter, cream, bacon, onions, and cognac. So, how in the world can this taste bad?

TO GO TO RECIPE click on Chicken Liver Pate and scroll down past the narrative.

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