Fresh Fish (with skin) Poached in Butter

Fish As Comfort Food?

True “comfort food” is usually high in calories and carbohydrates. It tastes great, but later it can leave you with a not-so-great feeling (to say nothing of the associated guilt).

But I also think of fish as comfort food, but not in the traditional sense. When I eat fish, it not only tastes great at the time I’m eating it, but my body seems to sense that this was a good choice. It’s nutritious (a good source of protein) and offers other good vitamins and minerals along with omega-3-fatty acids. And I don’t have to convince myself this was a good selection.

The Controversies

The types of fish, where they were caught or raised, and the method of preparation are controversial. There seems to be consensus in that fish taken from contaminated waters should probably not be eaten. Both the fat and the skin can collect toxins. The flesh not so much, but there ARE toxins present.

Another controversial subject has to do with eating the skin. Is it good for you? Probably not says Andrew Weil, M.D.; however, there are fish that have wonderful flavor in the skin, such as red snapper or striped bass. They are prepared with the skin on and sautéed with the skin side down, giving it a crispy taste. They also can make a beautiful presentation on the plate.

How To Get Butter To Work For You

My favorite fish to eat are salmon, halibut, and haddock. I like to leave the skin intact and then remove it halfway through the cooking process. The skin helps to keep nutrients and oils inside the salmon, and it also keeps it moist and adds flavor. I do this by a roast/poach process I will describe in the recipe. It is easy and absolutely delicious.

Our favorite sides to serve with this dish are spaghetti squash and peas. Because of all of the butter, I think a Chardonnay pairs well with this meal.

I have never had to be sold on butter. I have had two previous posts: Creamy Homemade Butter Versus the Commercial Products and My Name Is Bob. And I’m a Butteroholic.

Special Culinary Equipment: 12” Skillet All Clad

To see the recipe, click on Fish Roasted In Butter With Brown Butter Sauce.

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