Entertaining Countdown Checklist


Entertaining Countdown Target Time ______
(Coordinate this with the food preparation schedule)

To be done the afternoon of entertaining
_____ Set up appetizer prep area
_____ Set up dessert prep area
_____ Prepare coffee with cream and sugar
_____ Set up wine/bar prep area
_____ Set table
_____ Check for monogrammed paper towels in bath
_____ Check closets for coat space
_____ Set out butter to soften
_____ ______________________________
_____ ______________________________

Time _______ (Two hours before guests are to arrive)
_____ Set out butter & cheese
_____ Put salad plates in freezer (if needed)
_____ Put wine in decanter
_____ ______________________________
_____ ______________________________

Time _______ (One hour before guests are to arrive)
_____ Set out crackers
_____ Plate cheese
_____ Do walk through of house
_____ Turn on indoor/outdoor lights
_____ ______________________________
_____ ______________________________

Time _______ (Within ½ hour of guests arriving)
_____ Fill water glasses
_____ Fill ice bucket (if one is present)
_____ Set out other appetizers (shrimp, pate’, dips, fruit, etc.)
_____ Light candles
_____ Check bathrooms one more time
_____ Check yourself out in a mirror. Notice your relaxed, casual and together manner.
This is all due to your organization skills. Now go have fun.
_____ ______________________________