Chili And The NFL

Bowl of chili


    I’ve always associated baseball with hot dogs, basketball with popcorn, and football with chili. Most people I know associate football with tailgating, but to me it’s chili. During most football Sundays, I’ll cook up a pot, and all afternoon the aroma will waft up into the loft where we’re watching the game(s). NFL football and a bowl of red – a match made in heaven.

Going Public

     I’ve refined my recipe over the years, and it suits my taste to a tee. Every other recipe I have I’m quick to share with anyone who wants it; however, I’m a bit reluctant to go public. It’s my personality in a bowl and reflects more of me than any other recipe I have. But I’ve decided it would be a disservice to keep it to myself, so I’m offering it to you. Have I held anything back? No. Does it include all of my secret ingredients? It does. Am I sharing all of my techniques to make a wonderful batch of chili? I am. I definitely consider this my contribution and service to mankind. 

Your Own Personal Chili Quest

    So here’s your chance to start your quest for the perfect bowl. If you like, you can begin with my recipe (Click on “Chili Con Bob” and scroll down past the narrative). Make a pot and then take a spoonful and hold it in your mouth.  You should be able to taste every ingredient you have added.  Great chili is like a great wine – it should have complexity. 

Enjoy The Trip

     There’s a good chance you may spend years refining your own recipe.  You may even end up with several different types, such as a white recipe, a vegetarian recipe, or one for a really hot fiery bowl of red.  Remember – the quest for the perfect bowl is a journey. Enjoy the trip.

Does Anybody Want A Bowl Of Chili?



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