November 2018

Fish Roasted In Butter With Brown Butter Sauce

Fish As Comfort Food? True “comfort food” is usually high in calories and carbohydrates. It tastes great, but later it can leave you with a not-so-great feeling (to say nothing of the associated guilt). But I also think of fish as comfort food, but not in the traditional sense. When I eat fish, it not only tastes great at the time I’m eating it, but my body seems to sense that this was a good choice. It’s nutritious (a good source of protein) and offers other good vitamins and minerals…

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2-bone Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon (The Magic Of Braising)

     Of the dishes I cook, the one that gets the most raves is my braised beef short ribs.  Also called beef Burgundy or beef bourguignon (pronounced “bore-geen-YONE”), it’s basically a French stew. It started out as a peasant dish, but over time it’s become a standard of French cuisine.       It’s a simple recipe. The cooking method is called braising, where a cut of meat that would have been too tough to eat if cooked in a traditional way is slowly cooked in wine and broth along with…

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How To Add Pizazz To Your Hosting

Pizazz In The Kitchen – It’s Showtime, Folks      After our dinner party guests have arrived, it seems they to like to congregate in our kitchen. And it’s especially true if it’s a small dinner party (six or less). I think they do this for two reasons: (1) they want to socialize with their hosts and (2) they know this is where the magic occurs..      In the early stages of my introduction to hosting, I recommended to keep things simple. But after you’ve become more accomplished and you’ve established your reputation, you can now…

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